First Junior World Heli Challenge – the edit

Eight elite level skiers and snowboarders gathered in Wanaka NZ for a week to remember – the first JUNIOR World Heli Challenge tailored exclusively for 12-16yr olds at the top of their game.

It was a week of learning backcountry smarts, avalanche safety, terrain awareness and a bunch of other handy skills for upcoming pro athletes – like wrangling social media, on-camera interviews and working with sponsors.

The highlight of the week was a heli-accessed competition day in the Southern Alps high above Minaret Station where they put their skills and style to the test for the judges and the cameras.

Local skier Finn Bilous (13) took the podium after a solid performance and sticking some challenging landings,  his brother Hank (15) charged into second and Aussie skier Mitch Reeves (14) scoring third.

Don’t take our word for it – watch the edit!

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