Will J & Charlie Lyons NZ

About Will J & Charlie Lyons NZ

Will Jackways, Charlie Lyons & Riley Bathurst (filmer & person who gets stuck with doing the stuff like righting the blurb and making up the name even tho I suck at writing and am better with a camera but I haven't taken a team photo yet but all along the lines of yeah if we get in we can do things.)

We're woodsman with axes made of glass, everything is calculated but when it's the right angle we hit it hard. We waited for the season to start late then two weeks of footage handed in the hour before it's due. Each spot was thought over and examined to find the unique and interesting angles. The team came from who was most keen to push an entirely new edit on a low snow year with the possibility of rejection but on a calculated basis. Will J with multiple WHC wins. Charlie with an overall top 10 FWT and myself with a best freestyle day 2013 WHC. We've worked and played together and understand what each member brings to the table. I hope you see our ambition and give us the space of Mt Cook to expand our vision.

Team Members

Will Jackways NZ - snowboarder

Charlie Lyons NZ - skier

Riley Bathurst NZ - cameraperson