2014 Canon Shootout Results

Both Canon Shootout photographers created a mesmerising gallery of images out of the 2014 World Heli Challenge. Mickey Ross and Kit Rundle immersed themselves in the competition, the landscape and with their teams to create pure, visual magic.

In the end we could only choose one winner.

Mickey Ross took the title and went home with a shiny new Canon EOS 5D Mark III.



Some background on the Canon Shootout:

The World Heli Challenge is a visual and adventure lifestyle spectacular and it would be madness not to capture and share it.

The Canon Shootout sees a photographer assigned to each team in a competition of their own to win prizes from Canon for the best portfolio of images.

Just two photographers were invited for the 2014 Canon Shootout at the World Heli Challenge in a new head-to-head format.

Mickey Ross from Wanaka New Zealand and Kit Rundle from Mt Buller Australia had both documented the World Heli Challenge before and were chosen for this unique ‘shootout’ competition in the rugged Southern Alps surrounding Aoraki Mt Cook in New Zealand from 7-15 September, 2014.

Ross and Rundle each worked closely with a Heli Challenge team of two athletes to produce a portfolio of images capturing the adventure, action and passion of this unique heli-accessed snow event. They were ‘challenged’ alongside their team members to secure shots while taking on all the challenges of skiing and snowboarding in extreme terrain, changing weather conditions and a physically demanding schedule including three heli-ski days.

Canon is a valued partner of the World Heli Challenge and instrumental in the development of the Canon Shootout. The winning photographer and winning filmer from the event each earned an EOS 5D Mark III Canon camera.