north-heliPoints North Heli Adventures



The World Heli Challenge values its long-standing partnership with Points North Heli Adventures up in the wild and beautiful Chugach mountains outside Cordova Alaska.

The winner of the Shane McConkey Award at the World Heli Challenge has a week at Points North Heli as their reward. It’s truly the heli-ski experience of a lifetime.

Points North Heli Adventures is the only heli skiing operation utilizing the southeastern side of the Chugach mountains. In the past decade, the Chugach Range has proved to be the premier destination worldwide for helicopter skiing and boarding.

Their base location allows them to access a ‘private’ playground in their backyard. While other operations share terrain, PNH can explore areas the others can not conveniently access. Points North continue to find new terrain each year catering from the intermediate level recreation skier to the world class athlete.

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With over 1000 square miles available out the front door, there are more first descents than one could obtain in a lifetime!