Calling everyone from the WHC – the ROLL CALL!

The World Heli Challenge has brought together some of the best skiers and snowboarders from around the globe to compete in a unique helicopter-accessed competition like no other since back in 1995.

The event has always been a grassroots gathering of like-minded, passionate mountain people who just love being in the backcountry, pushing their freeriding limits and yeah, sometimes getting into trouble.

The Heli Challenge isn’t just about the athletes, the team also includes incredible photographers, filmers, heli pilots, guides and a fired up crew who make all the magic happen.  As the event celebrates its 21st birthday in 2015 we are on a mission to track down every awesome human who’s been a part of it so we can invite you to the PARTY!

Let the roll call begin.

It’s a long list and we are missing a LOT of great people from it due to years of lost files, floods and that sort of thing… SO – check if your name is there, tell us if you’re not and share the word. There’s a form here to share your details and of course Facebook too.

Aadland Vanessa W SKI 2011
Abramson Pat M SNB
Ahern Paul M SKI 1996
Ahonen Pepi W SNB 1995-1999
Aldridge Jeff Camera
Allen Clint M SNB 2013
Annetts Mathew M SNB 2009
Atkins Travis Crew Lots
Austine Linda Crew 2009
Autti Antti M SNB 2012-2013
Ayers Mitch Camera 2014
Azocar Pablo Camera
Backstrom Ralph M SNB 2009
Backstrom Ingrid W SKI 2009
Ball Murray Guide
Balmer Sean Camera 2009-2012
Barnard Hugh Crew
Barnard Manu M SKI 2013
Basich Mike M SNB 2011
Bates Ricky M SNB 2013
Bathurst Riley Camera 2013
Beattie Victoria W SKI 2012
Beazley Raphael M SKI 2009
Berchtold Andrea M SKI 2009
Bilous Finn Camera 2011
Bilous Pete Crew 2012-2013
Bilous Hank M SKI 2011-2014
Bilous Finn M SKI 2012-2014
Binning Andrea W SKI
Biyajima Shin M SNB 2010-2012
Blennerhasset Stu Guide A lot
Bock Aline W SNB 2010
Bohl Jake M SKI 2012
Bohl Breeze M SKI 2012
Booth Chris M SKI 2002, 2009,2011,2014
Booth Gus Crew 2009-2010
Borgensen Ian M SKI 2011
Boyd Colin M SNB 2013
Boyd Noel Pilot 2000
Bray Juliane W SNB
Breast Nancy W SNB
Bridges Bo Camera
Bright Ben M SNB 2011
Brommelseik Will M SNB 2011
Brosnahan Rebecca Crew 2009-2013
Brown Kath Crew 1995-2001
Brown Jesse W SNB 2013
Brunvaer KK M SNB 1997
Buckley Andrew Camera
Cale Phillip Crew
Call Ashley M SNB
Carney Tess Camera
Caruso Dan M SKI 1998-1999
Cernik Martin M SNB 2009
Checherit Guerlain M SKI 1999
Chythlook-Sifsof Callan W SNB 2011
Coates Leigh W SNB
Coffey Dan M SNB
Cossetini Marge W SNB 196-1999
Dahlin Par Crew
Davenport Ted M SKI 2009-2011
Davenport Chris M SKI 1996-1997, 2000
Davies Martyn Sponsor
Day Tom Camera 2009
Deans Katie Crew Judge 1997-2001
Deutslander Weston M SKI 2009
Devore Nick M SKI 2012
Diet Thomas M SKI 2002
Donnely Pat Crew 1998, 1999
Dutton Tim M SKI 2009
Edelmann Shaydar Crew Judge
Eder Markus M SKI 2011-2012
Edgerly Jacqui W SKI 2012
Eggleton Iain Camera
Ellis Reggae Sponsor
Elkins Jett W SNB 2012-2013
Enderle Holly W SNB 2011
Enderud Ane W SKI 2010
Erickson Phil Camera
Evans Alexander Camera 2013
Eyers Adam Crew
Farrell Lyon M SNB 2011
Ferguson Boen M SKI 2009, 2011
Fetch Dwayne Camera 1997-2001
Field Julian Guide
Field Julian Partners
Finch Andy M SNB 2009-2010
Flett Jonathan Sponsor
Foard Caroline Crew 2009
Foster Sam M SKI 2009-2011
Fuji Tomohiro Camera 2012-2013
Fyfe Grant Loader
Gardner Drayden M SNB 2012
Gibb Elysia W SNB 2010
Gibbs Lori M SNB 1995
Giddings Harry M SKI 20,122,013
Gonzales de Murillo Elena W SNB Crew Media 1998, 1999
Goodwill Matt M SNB
Gourlay Ally Crew
Griffiths Matt Camera
Gunn Matt Guide
Hagen Stian M SKI 1999
Hale Jim M SNB 1995
Hall Bridget Crew
Hall Sam M SKI
Hamilton-Smith Tori W SKI 2011
Hansen Antony Camera 2012-2014
Hansen Ben Camera 2009-2011
Hardwick Neil
Harrington Greg Crew Judge 2009
Harrington Tony Director/Camera 1995-2014
Harrington Bede Crew
Harrington Dianne Crew
Haskins Mal Guide
Hasse Didi Crew 1999
Haughton Jordan M SKI 2009
Hayes Peter Crew 2013-2014
Hazeldine Sam M SKI
Hendrickson Mark M SKI 2011
Hendrickson Colin M SKI 2011
Henshaw Russ M SKI 2009
Hiddleston David Guide
Hill Nick Sponsor
Hijgemann Mike Crew 2009-2014
Holden Miles Camera
Hollis Rene W SNB
Hollows Kim Pilot 2000
Holmes JT M SKI 1998
Holmes Brad M SKI 1998
Howarth Adam Production
Hudson Dean Crew
Hume Ben M SKI 2013
Humphries Lachlan Camera 2013
Hutton Harvey Pilot 1997-2000, 2009
Hutton Patsy Loader
Ijpelaar Neils Camera 2013
Jackways Will M SNB 2010-2013
James Scott M SNB 2011
Jeffrey Karleen W SNB 1998-2004
Jones Jeremy M SNB 1999
Jones Steve Camera
Keam Dave M SNB
Kellahan Holly Crew
Kelly Meagan Crew
Kelly Dave M SNB 2009
Kenney Jean Crew
Kerr Neil Camera 2013
Kilponen Dallas Camera 2001, 2013
King Matt Camera
King Peter Sponsor/crew
Kingston Nick M SKI 2002
Kirkham Chris Camera
Kiyohara Yuta M SNB 2012-2013
Klaczkiewicz Jon “JK” M SKI
Knudson Carol Crew
Koia Jake M SNB 2011, 2014
Kreilis Astrida Crew 2009
Kreitler Kent M SKI
Kusunoki Taisuke M SKI 2013
Kuzma Janina WSki 2009-2013
Kuzma Maria W SNB 2009-2013
La Hood Paul Loader
Lacy Paul Crew 1998, 1999
Larson (Olsen) Julie W SNB
Latham Nikki Crew 1998-2002, 2009-2011
Lazzareschi Iris W SNB 2011
Lees Doug Sponsor
Lequertier Brice M SKI 2001
Lochrin Shane Crew 1996-2001
Lockhart Abby W SNB 2011-2013
Lucas Conrad M SKI 2012
Ludlow-Hudson Trinity Crew
Lynch Sam Camera 2013
Lyons Charlie M SKI 2013
Manderson Jason Pilot 2000
Macleod Chris Sponsor
Mathieson Liz Crew 20,122,013
Matsson Johanna W SKI
McCabe Maria Sponsor
McConkey Shane Crew 1996
McCririck Flip Camera
McCune Ryan/Rydor M SNB 2009
McCutcheon Tony Guide
McCutcheon Tony M SKI
McDermid Cam M SKI 2011
McDougall Fraser M SKI 2010-2014
McKeown Geoff Sponsor/crew 2009-2014
McKissock Nigel M SKI 1998-1999
McLennan Chris Camera
McLennan Watkin M SKI 2009
Mezger John Crew
Mezger Josh Crew
Michaud Seb M SKI
Miller Paul Camera
Mills Nick Crew 1996-2001, 2009-2010
Miniotas Petri Crew
Moats Charlotte W SKI
Mol Susan W SNB 2009
Moreland Reon M SNB Crew 1999, 2013
Morgan Rhylla Crew 2013-2014
Morley-Brown Roland M SNB 2011
Morrison Jeff Crew 1995-1996
Mullins Mahala W SNB 2013
Myers Tim M SKI 2009
Nakagawa Chise Crew
Needham Scott Camera 1999
Neri Cyril M SNB
Newman Sarah W SKI
Newman Victoria W SNB 1995 1996 1997
Norman Rob Camera
Oldalani Cisco Crew Judge
Olsen John M SKI 2001
Orely Flo M SNB 2001
Passo Jacki W SKI 2009
Patton Tucker Guide
Pauport Axel M SNB 1999
Payatt Tommy Camera
Pedrolini Jean-Claude “Schinka” Sponsor
Pengelly George M SKI 2012
Penny Phil Guide
Perata Nick Crew 1998, 1999
Peters Briar W SKI 2013
Petersen Drew M SKI 2011
Pilkinton Tania Crew 2009-2013
Potts Luke M SKI 2011
Powell Darren M SNB 2009
Prescott Essex M SKI 2013-2014
Puente Robert M SKI
Qunn Kevin Sponsor
Quinn Jessica Sponsor
Randall KJ Crew
Rapley Taylor W SKI 2013
Rasman Chris M SNB 2011
Reardon Matt M SKI
Recchio John M SNB
Reeves Nick Crew 2011-2012
Reeves Mitchell M SKI 2011-2014
Reynolds Alexandra Crew
Rice Travis M SNB 2010
Ricken Will M SNB 2009
Robbins Quentin M SNB 2009-2010
Robertson Jakky W SNB 1999
Ross Mickey Camera 2013-2014
Roy Ian M SNB Guide 1995, 2014
Rundle Kit Camera 2009, 2014
Sanders Ryan Sponsor
Saxton Dave M SNB 2011
Scharl Johannes M SNB 2010
Schmitt Ben M SKI 2011
Schnacky Chad M SNB
Schuecker Amber W SNB 2009
Scott James Pilot 2000
Scott Stephen M SNB 1995-1996
Segal Nat W SKI 2011-2012
Sharp Warren Crew
Shea John Sponsor
Sheidow Rachel “Ratty” W SNB 2009-2013
Shetler-Rahlves Michelle W SNB 1999
Siggers Dylan M SKI 2014
Simpson Mic Camera 1997, 2011-2012
Singer Samala W SKI
Small Geoff M SKI 2009
Smoothy Sam M SKI 2010-2013
Spale Cyrill M SNB 2011
Spinelli Andrea M SNB
Staveley Luke M SNB 2012
Staveley Cam M SNB 2012
Stoddart Camilla Camera
Street Trevor Guide
Stubbs Mitch Camera
Sullivan Matt M SNB 1997
Synnott Dylan M SNB 2013
Synnott Zoi W SNB 2013
Tate Tiffany Crew
Thomas JJ M SNB 2012
Tomaselli Giovanni Sponsor
Thompson Peter Camera
Tiene Ryan M SNB 2014
Timmins Charlie M SKI 2009-2011
Tol Jesse M SKI 1998
Tomita Kazu Sponsor
Trapski Paul M SNB
Trengrove Annie Loader
Truelove Mike Camera
Tweedie Dave Crew
Tweedie Marijke Crew 1995-2002
Van Dyk Gareth M SNB
Vince Max M SKI 2009
Vince Geoff M SKI 2009
Vlandis Tim M SNB
Voirol Gilles M SNB 1999-2000
Von Roy Mark Camera
Waclzak Ben M SNB 2013
Walker Scott Guide 20,122,013
Wallis Nick Pilot
Wallis Toby Pilot 2009
Walsh Marni Camera
Webb Brett M SKI 1996
Webster Ste’en Crew
Webster Joe M SKI 2012
Wells Jossy M SKI
Whyatt Geoff Guide 1997-1999
Williman Neil M SKI 2012
Wilson Mike M SKI 2009
Wilson Toby
Windle Todd M SKI
Wood Ian M SNB 2013
Woodhall Ross Camera 1995-2000
Yates-Chochrane Shannan W SNB 2010-2011
Zuckerman Leo Camera 2014

**UPDATED VERSION as at 8 February 2015

We need your help to get this information correct as there are important people missing from our files and some dates we are unsure of.

Tell us who we still need to add!

WHC 21 Anniversary Roll Call

  • Please list the years you competed/participated, comma separated if more than one.
  • Please include all information you can recall :)
    We are planning an awesome gathering of all the crew down in NZ for some party time, some heli time and a damn good time. Interested?
  • Please include anything else you'd like to share. Do you know others that we should reach out to for the roll call? Please throw in any questions, comments or suggestions to help us gather the tribe and find all the crew!